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Effective Geochemistry to Support
Environmentally- and Socially-Responsible Mining

Profitable mining in the 21st Century requires proactive and responsible management of all native resources and related social issues.  More often than not, water quality is at the center of people's concerns and foremost among regulatory requirements.  Unfortunately, protection of that resource is an objective more easily stated than accomplished.

Geochemistry is often the critical key to designing the most cost-effective water-quality management program.  E2Geochemistry, Inc. has experience that can help.

To address water quality concerns, E2Geochemistry, Inc. takes pride in building a holistic view of a mineral deposit, beginning with the economic geology and ambient environmental conditions.  We include evidence provided by historic exploitation and consider the proposed modern mining and processing practices. This collective perspective is used to create optimal geochemical programs – programs that not only meet legal requirements, but programs that identify issues and solve or avoid problems.

E2Geochemistry, Inc. wants to help progressive and proactive mining companies create solid foundations of geochemical knowledge to be used for informed decision-making and optimal environmental protection.  In addition to offering our consulting services we recognize the need for you to have in-house control and accountability of your water quality management program.  Increasingly, this involves mentoring your staff to create qualified teams to carry out the geochemical aspects of environmental management.  Again, we can help.  Every mine is unique, and your approach to environmental geochemistry should be, too.

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Geochem News
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